1995 Season

The league grew to 12 teams when two teams left (Keven’s Unbelievable and Jon’s Bearcats) and 5 new teams arrived: Burien StingRays – managed by Rob Heyden, Spanish Fork Little Bucks – managed by Matthew Thompson, Rexburg Ryuko – managed by Devan Thompson, Monkey Bottom Blues – managed by Andy Nelson, and Tacoma Stallions – managed by Kathleen Pludums. 1995 was the first year of the league’s All-Star game and Cecil Travis of the Kirksville Clubbers earned All-Star game MVP honors. The league expanded to 4 divisions and 2 wild card teams for the 108 game schedule. Loafer Mt. (Bob), Harbor Park (Ken), Provo (Ethan), and Kirksville (Mark) won divisional titles, while Rainier (Alan) and Wasatch (Bryan) won wild card positions. Harbor Park reached the league championship for the second year in a row, but again lost as the Loafer Mt. Lightning out-lasted the Eagles 4-2 games. Willie McCovey earned series MVP honors. Regular season awards went to: MVP – Jimmie Foxx (Harbor Park), Cy Young – Eddie Cicotte (Harbor Park), and Most Valuable Relief Pitcher – Dennis Eckersley (Provo).