2009 Season

For this season one team left and one new team joined our league. The Elk Grove Earthquakes left (managed by Ethan Thompson – the manager with the most all time championships with 4) and the Monroe Mudcats, managed by Graham Thompson (no relation to the other Thompson’s in the league) joined the league. The Monroe Mudcats took the league by storm in their first year by posting an 103-59 record – winning their division by 24 games.

The All-Star series was dominated by the National league 6 games to 1. Barry Bonds batted .429 with 4 HR’s and 11 RBI. While on the pitching front Don Drysdale and Greg Maddux each won 2 games.

Division winners along with Monroe included: Dodgeville Tornadoes, Maple Valley Buckeyes and Riverside Rattlers. Wild card teams included: Pullman Air Bombers, Puyallup Dingos (won a 1-game playoff against Santaquin to get final wild card spot in the AL), American Fork Eagles and South Sound Sluggers. Both South Sound and American Fork made the playoffs despite being 4 games under .500.

In the Division series Puyallup, Riverside, Monroe and American Fork all advanced to the LCS. Then Puyallup survived a game 7 in the ALCS to advance to the League Championship for the first time. Monroe ousted American Fork in the NLCS to reach the League Championship in their first year in the league and after posting the league’s best record and become the second team to win over 100 games in the regular season. All started right on track for them in the LFBL Finals when they won game one, but that would be their last victory. The upstart Puyallup Dingos went on to win 4 start to secure their first league championship. The Dingos were lead by series MVP, Jesse Burkett. He batted .563, scored 9 runs with 6 RBI.

Regular season awards:


NL Cy Young

Maddux, Greg

North Street Knights

19-6, 2.54, 7 CG


NL MV Relief Pitcher

Gossage, Rich

South Sound Sluggers

36 saves, 6-8, 2.52



Cobb, Ty

Monroe Mudcats

.380, 235 hits, 125 runs, 89 RBI, 63 SB


NL MVP Runner-up

Bonds, Barry

American Fork Eagles

.303, 67 HR, 143 Runs, 147 RBI, 25 SB


AL Cy Young

Martinez, Pedro

Puyallup Dingos

22-4. 2.01, 7 shutouts, 11 CG, 226 K’s


AL MV Relief Pitcher

Riveria, Mariano

Riverside Rattlers

31 saves, 5-6, 2.21



Ruth, Babe

Santaquin Polar Bears

.331, 62 HR’s, 144 Runs, 121 RBI


AL MVP Runner-up

Mantle, Mickey

Riverside Rattlers

.310, 48 HR’s, 147 Runs, 121 RBI, 20 SB

Puyallup Dingos Championship team line-up:

CA – Ivan Rodriguez

1B – Cecil Cooper

2b – Eddie Collins

3b – Wade Boggs

SS – Barry Larkin

LF – Jesse Burkett

CF – Tris Speaker

RF – Billy Hamilton/Reggie Jackson

DH – Bill Terry

Pitching (Starters):

Pedro Martinez

Jimmy Key

David Wells

Tommy Bridges


John Wetteland

Tom Gordon

Jesse Orosco

BJ Ryan